♫♪  Katrina Stonehart + Potions - “Stoney Islands”

“Stoney Islands” is the A-side collaboration between Midwest noisemakers Katrina Stonehart and Potions, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t the perfect soundtrack to sunlight breaking through the leaves. Surprising, considering it was “recorded in a damp Chicago basement.”

You really have to check it out below. It makes a bed of thumping noise sound like an entire orchestra of angels glancing down from the heavens as they hold the same note out, forever.

Buy the tape over at Solid Melts.

• Katrina Stonehart: http://katrinastonehart.bandcamp.com
• Potions: http://potionsmusic.bandcamp.com
• Solid Melts: http://www.solidmelts.com

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