♫♪  Kazumichi Komatsu - Walking To ‘The Orichalcum’ (c- mix)

There’s mixes to put on while working or playing that make a lot of sense but don’t mean so much and then there’s mixes that take me by the shoulders and tell me a story and hook me earwormily. (Cases in point one, two, and three.)

Kazumichi Komatsu’s new one for c- is one of these; the title even tells a tale. Orichalcum; or, a legendary metal of Atlantis. Orichalcum; or, a recurring motif. “The Orichalcum” is something that I can’t figure out. What does the “the” mean for this and to him?

I’m hooked on a definite article. Each song included here draws its lines in the sand. A hand smudges them out and many hands lay down a quilt to rest on for the evening. Someone’s dialing through a radio. Pieces of song float in for moments and we float out on The Medium Necks’s “I Said This”, from 2008, from an album called stars, stars. Back to that scene but underneath the stars, stars now.

This mix gathers its offshoots and propels me forward—my imagination, how I understand my half thoughts, the way that I listen and why.

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