♫♪  PERILA - P28

Not kidding when I say I’ve listened to this for two days straight. Something about how I am as I am right now is contained in P28, which was made by Berlin Community Radio contributor PERILA. In her description she writes “life is a state of mind.” Mine is quietly fragile, as if my entire existence is an undertone. Hushed and resonant. A fleeting gesture that retains its image.

This soundtrack contains gestures of water sitting still in thin glasses, rays of sunlight filtered through thin curtains and glowing in yellow shards on the grey sheets, warm rooms in cold cities, steam rising, bubbles formed and suspended, intimacies, the sound of someone practicing an instrument somewhere else in the building, hollow woods hit, the part from minutes 39 to 43, so much space, a video you took of a black cord in white dirt, a trumpeter playing in the background, its song echoing so enormously through the rocky hills — thinking about you today, thinking to ask you something, but not asking it, and then you telling me.

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