♫♪  Kelly Moran - Optimist

We’re only a few days into the new year and the noise is already almost too much to bear. Haven’t we cranked up the volume enough yet? How deep is this new infinite anyways? Sound is more important than song now as we all know, but Kelly Moran’s got bigger things in mind. She’s got a photo album at the seat of her grand piano to sift through, fiddling away at a couple notes as the static sheen of memory takes her fingers for a ride. She’s slipping nails in between the piano wire, testing the give of the feeling while reminding us what a melody might sound like before it’s actually been written. She’s offering up a stripped down cycle of classical blear as we bid goodbye to 2016 and calling it Optimist. I don’t know what the future of music will sound like, but surely we can all learn something from Kelly Moran’s attitude about it.

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