It’s time to practice your freestyle, because Knx (Glen Boothe, a.k.a. Knxwledge) is bumping fresh beats like “j∆M.FRºZE” via Leaving Records, who dubbed him as “bandcamp king of the beat-scene.” Buttrskotch is Knx’s first cassette, so prepare your local cypher for that next level-style shit. Also, I’m really into this repetition culture happening in my own head right now. Like, okay, the physical is fly. Owning and having a beat tape destroys. But also having it digital gives you the opportunity to put it on instant repetition. Take a Nipple Tapes, CULP, or Bolo Yeung track and just ride it out repeat style for about 15 minutes. Mmm… that overwhelming numbness flushes your brain full of searing stagnant bliss. And right now, “j∆M.FRºZE,” on repeat for the last hour, seems to be taking this week into that dimension where you feel like nothing needs to happen to be happy. Hit up Leaving Records ASAP, or maybe this has already been sold out. Either way, give it love and find it anywhere you can listen to it. HYPE!

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