♫♪  Knx - “churrrch.”

I’m one of those listeners that are like, “Whaaaat?” when it comes to shit outside of the music in musicians’ lives. ‘Cause I don’t give a shit about their lunch or music making process, I’m just interested in how it’s getting from my findings and into my ears. It’s not even a sound thing; the headphones I’m currently wearing are from TJ Maxx. And I listen to plenty of music. Same with, well… my phone died this weekend, so I ain’t even got an “mp3” player, let alone think about how people have 32GB of music memory full-up on their phones/mp3 players. How does this relate to Knx’s new video for “churrrch.?” Easy: Knx does lyrics??

I know the fellah is a HARD looper, and goes for samples. But maybe he rapped on an EP last year? Though, I don’t know. Nor do I really care if it’s him or some unnamed “feat.” All I’m into is “churrrch.” These lyrics are LOL. The beat is tightly wrapped around the vocals. Would I go THAT nuts in the club if I were to hear Knx’s “churrrch.?” HELL YEAH! Not only do I care less about the musician who makes the music that drives my live, but if you EVER see me in the club poppin’ off ALL SORTS of (lame-ass) hyped moves, don’t talk to me. I’m doing something without you. Unless you wanna join, go judge elsewhere. Then I set myself on fire, the entire club shuts down for bad codes and shit, and then everyone sees Knx at “churrrch” the next day and are like, “That fuckin’ guy last night up in the club, my goodness.”

And Knx will be all like, “You hear my newest Bandcamp release streaming below?”

• Knx: http://gloof.bandcamp.com

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