♫♪  Konx-om-pax - Ways of Seeing

Konx-om-pax is kind of hard to say, innit? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Well, you cretin, Tom Scholefield didn’t pick it because it’s EASY. He picked it because it was said by elders of the Ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries to signify initiates’ admission to the degree of epopt, or seer. DUH!

Anyway, get used to saying Konx-om-pax, because you’re going to want to tell your friends about his new one, Ways of Seeing, out now and streaming on Bandcamp and other streaming service via Planet Mu.

Scholefield’s previous work had moments of real bliss in its exploration of the solitary space away from the club, so this collection of nuanced and enveloping tunes is not itself surprising. What is surprising is how light, communal, and fun Ways of Seeing feels: this time, Scholefield brought along a few friends (Silvia Kastel and Nightwave on vocals); even instrumental highlights like “Missing Something” and “The Paleontologist” seem to fill the room with everyone dead and alive and yet to exist, all kicking it together in the most shared of experiences.

The label has emphasized how Ways of Seeing was inspired by Scholefield’s relocation to Berlin, and it’s true. This really does sound like a Sunday party at ://about blank or Griessmuehle, acid-y until it breakbeats (can that be a verb? yes, anything is possible!), minimal and pretty until it SLAPS.

Got it? Okay, now say it with me, in praise: Konx-om-pax! Konx-om-pax! Konx-om-pax!

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