Konx-om-Pax takes the jar half-full on upcoming Caramel full-length

Konx-om-Pax takes the jar half-full on upcoming Caramel full-length

“My surroundings have a direct influence on the mood of what I make,” says Konx-om-Pax a.k.a. Tom Scholefield, a talented audio and visual artist who has spent at least a good portion of his life among the frequently gothic environs of Glasgow, Scotland. It was a structurally colder and junkie-infused subset of the city that influenced KoP’s debut album from 2012, Regional Surrealism, and closing out an interview with TMT around the time of its release, Scholefield resolved to fulfill his temporary aspirations of a “shit” tropical excursion. There is indeed a silent consensus on the overratedness and eventual emotional pain of constant sunshine and humidity that results in sweating inanimate objects.

But if the excursion happened, it might’ve done something to supplement Scholefield’s recent intra-Glasgow move “closer to the park” and “closer to friends”! KoP’s sophomore album Caramel is out July 8 on Planet Mu, and it’s said to be a wonderful aural display of positivity that eschews beats in favor of “warmth” and rave-like melodies. A global tour with Lone also sounds like it left an impression on the title track below, which clearly alludes to a departure from the self-described “melancholy” evident on Regional.

Do we need to shoot Scholefield into space for a modern take on kosmiche? Stay tuned for unlikely fundraising updates!

Caramel tracklisting:

01. Video Club
02. Perc Rave
03. Last Jam Forever
04. Manhunter
05. Oren’s Theme
06. Frozen Border
07. Mega Glacial
08. Caramel
09. Radiance
10. Beatrice’s Visit
11. Stay
12. Cosmic Trigger
13. At The Lake
14. Rainbow Bounce

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