♫♪  Krikor - J​.​O​.​N​.​E​.​S​.​Y. Vol​.​2

Blade II, The Dark Knight, Terminator 2,,,, Krikor’s J​.​O​.​N​.​E​.​S​.​Y. Vol​.​2. Not too sure where else to start other than suggesting J​.​O​.​N​.​E​.​S​.​Y. Vol​.​2 is totally a Matrix Reloaded remake. Or the one sequel where Uma Thurman hits Bill in the heart a bunch before he asphyxiates to death, Krikor’s fingers are bringers of purely blissful destruction. Beats like a John Woo shoot-out. Weaving melodies in choreographed fight-scenes, harmonizing to the turn of feet and fists wielded by IP Man. Krikor’s J​.​O​.​N​.​E​.​S​.​Y. Vol​.​2 is really the sequel you always wanted but never got: Twister II, Minority Report: Pre-Cogs Revolt, iRobot Rebuilt.

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