♫♪  Krikor - Pacific Alley

Man. A balding man. This balding man is a low-level leader at some group. This balding is looked up to, only slightly, but respected for his courage. This balding man is respected for being himself and professional. This balding man too a two week break. This balding man is married.

This balding man had grown most of his hair to a four-clip length. This balding man had enough hair to change his hair color. This balding man had plans to rearrange his apartment during the first week of his break. This balding man decided to stay-cation this first week because it was too cold to go out.

This balding man’s wife thinks he’s nuts he bleached his hair and demands he shave it before going back to work the next week. This balding man didn’t tell his wife he’s taking a two week vacation. This balding man’s wife goes to South America for work next week. This blading man buzzes a his head into a fine mist of blond.

This balding man drives down to Atlantic City. This balding man is looking for a tan and trouble. This balding man expects to find up-from-down and coke-to-right. This balding man wins too much. This balding man sports extremely good luck.

This balding man continues. This balding man vibes into the night of sin. This balding man is bleeding. This balding man is somewhere along the boardwalk, okay. This balding man is crying an a square shower of a motel room he didn’t rent.

L.I.E.S. Records has a way of finding releases that really captivate the listener in experience. Y’all been had space in the Pacific Alley of Krikor, but chose the Atlantic instead. Remember when:

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