♫♪  Kyle Hall - “Teacher Plant”

Moved into a new house yesterday. Nice place with a very green lawn surrounded by towering trees, some covered with kudzu, which apparently isn’t that bad, some covered with poison ivy, which apparently is pretty bad.

I’m standing out back, staring at all the greenery, the vines, all the different trees and plants, golden in hue in the 5 PM sunlight. Now, maybe it’s because I’m smacked off the iced coffee I’m holding, or maybe I’m just in a mindset of fresh beginnings because of the move, but the plants and the wind and the sun and shit are giving me pangs of nostalgia. And yet, I feel invigorated by all of it. I’m saying I’m moved. Bewildered. In awe.

Plants have that power, no? And seeing as this new Kyle Hall joint (out on his new 7-inch, Eutrophia Sevan, released via his own label Wild Oats Music) is all #Plant #Based (see above) #Vibes, I thought I’d give y’all the above anecdote. Plants are alive. As fuck. And they do have the answers. Try to find them by listening below.

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