Omar-S announces new album, may or may not agree with you calling him The Best (around)

Omar-S announces new album, may or may not agree with you calling him The Best (around)

Sure, Barack Obama was reductively heralded as “America’s first black president” when he was elected to his first term in 2008, but most people are ignoring an obvious feasibility that would’ve supplanted and surpassed that event: under different circumstances, Alex Omar Smith a.k.a. Omar-S would’ve become the first president to capably operate a DJ mixer. His outspoken relegation of producers who “don’t want it” and “do that shit half-ass” more than suggests an aspirational character, and we should all be grateful that he’s chosen to forever hone his Detroit-based brand of house/techno instead of succumbing to the generally corrupt world of politics. Self-confidence is just a precursor to media time and perpetual arguments with old people in that scene.

So whether or not he’s being self-referential, Omar-S’s new album The Best is coming out March 31 on his own FXHE label, which has historically been his distributive go-to when it comes to the music bursting at the screws of his external hard drive. The Best has a few guest spots like Kyle Hall and John FM, and it follows 2013’s Thank You For Letting Me By Myself, which I’m retroactively and unilaterally placing on TMT’s favorite albums list from that year. Also, Fabric 45 is like a 200g weight on a blanket; by which I mean, it’s very clearly a highlight in the well-known mix series.

Some clips from The Best are up on the FXHE website. The track after the tracklisting was spontaneously chosen.

The Best tracklisting:

01. Time MO 1 (Mix by Norm Talley)
02. Ah’Revolution
03. Chama Piru’s
04. Bugging Out feat. Tom Buggs
05. Bitch… I’ll Buy Another One
06. You Silk Suit Wearing MuLaFuuk’ka
07. Smash feat. O B Ignitt and Kyle Hall
08. Take Ya Pik Nik
09. Seen Was Set
10. On Your Way feat. Divinity
11. Heard Chew Single feat. John FM

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