♫♪  Kyle Landstra - Within / Without

Chicago musician Kyle Landstra’s latest offering, titled Within / Without, was released on (already sold out) cassette tape in late January via Muzan Editions. Split into two sides named (yes, you guessed it) “Within” and “Without,” this release explores the devotional potential of ambient music. “Within” on Side A ebbs and flows lightly, as sound waves of various shapes and sizes wash over you. “Without” on Side B, although slightly more tense, continues in a similar vein. As it - and the tape itself - draws to a close, a glimmer of a clear melody appears for a minute or two, its luminous texture resembling the first rays of the sun sprawling across the sky at dawn. These last two minutes are the crowning jewel of the lush and warm Within / Without, which you can stream below in its entirety:

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