What the fuck is that noise outside? Oh, it’s LAMPGOD rolling down Evergreen Ave. Mixing en route on a bicycle, backpack speaker, helmet at the ready, and he’s serving up some f-r-e-s-h-n-e-s-s: “TIPS, PLZZ! :D”

There’s an atmosphere that “PALM LYCIUM” reminds me of that’s just around mid-August. Like, to the point all the old ladies know the fishermen by name. Or “pass it down” and the word bogart are familiar phrases on the beach. The same fucking tag is EVERYWHERE, why; WHAT THE FUCK? Everything is the same price. —And LAMPGOD really has this psychedelic nature to mixing that is twitchy in a chiller environment, not too far from your ears and them speakers.

Pick up the phone. LAMPGOD is calling you about some new flavor,”PALM LYCIUM” —


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