Now, I don’t necessarily agree with the above, but the (questionably) honest nature of the quote is interesting, wouldn’t you say? And it seems to me, that with LAMPGOD (AKA Bryant Canelo), I always find myself asking whether or not I should be enjoying the music. Like, is it okay to be into this? Am I in on the joke? Is there a joke? Should I shut the hell up and just listen to the music (yes)? And THEN you’ve gotta consider the title of this new joint — SHROUDED HELLA? C’mon. The fuck is up, Bryant? Wait… is up actually down?! No, wait: down is down. Up is up. Okay. Phew!

But then, just when you think you’ve got some shit figured out, things get flipped. Gone are the old, gnawed-at sound collages LAMPGOD once made. Now, aerated and filtered synths clouding around pulsing repetitions are the name of the game. White noise, turned and lipped at, populates the space, too. Welp, I dig it, even if old Bryant thinks no one will. Does that make me a nobody? Oh great, more fucking questions.

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