LAMPGOD is a traipser. It’s 100-emoji heard in how he diversifies the sounds he fucks with in every release, including his VHS-tapes. Whether it’s future r&b, busted instrumentals, reverse techno, or the sound of a .jpeg, LAMPGOD molds sound like a laboratory full of [whatever he can get his hands on]. So when Glue ℳoon Records grips is newest My Publicist Told Me To Tell You. You Should Delete My Number there ain’t NO WAY they’re plopping the whole thing on the net for you to gorge on. Nah, here’s the nibble: “UNTIED.”

Now, I dunno whether to shut the car door, press start, or break a sweat to “UNTIED,” but that’s exactly what’s happening here. LAMPGOD conjoins so many sounds here that have obviously been done before, only with such a personal touch that it may never be done the same again. Vibing sizzling snares, chiming stars from Mars, a club-to-guitar bang that climates current “live” trends, and the most patient key-tapping in the backdrop. Shit, and if his publicist is as good as his cover-art work, My Publicist Told Me To Tell You. You Should Delete My Number is going to make LAMPGOD a Grammy winner in no time. Grammy. Grammy:

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