♫♪  Larry Wish - Free Willy Style

Full-on faux-karaoke crooner Larry Wish will make all your dreams come true. Having been recording under various guises since 2007, with a handful of CDs and a tape on Moon Glyph, Larry is finally here to grant listeners with a bit of Free Willy Style. Just when the longing was getting to be a little too much, Mr. Wish’s delectable energy strolls on by, notices and says “Hi,” and sticks to brains as fat does to ribs. And throughout the twists and turns that maze about for 13 tracks, Free Willy Style keeps itself sharp and to the edge of all that is cheesy. And this is some classy kinda cheese. So grip a corner off the block that is Free Willy Style, ‘cause Larry Wish is serving up some fancy on the reel. Also, Orange Milk ain’t sleeping, suckers! There’s two more tapes that popped off with Larry Wish, so cred up them PayPal accounts!! Scope Free Willy Style below:

• Larry Wish: http://larrywish.bandcamp.com
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com

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