♫♪  Larry Wish - Porous Obtainer of ‘Loads

I’ve always imagined Larry Wish as a Chrome window brimming with enough tabs that no words are visible, five or six have auto-play pop-ups competing with one another in some ad-room volume hierarchy. The five or six video ads are arrhythmically skipping, as Chrome tries to process the merits of opening 30 tabs on a 1998 Gateway desktop, slowly crumbling into a weeping pile of ones and zeros under the taskbar.

In the case of Porous Obtainer of ‘Loads, however, Larry Wish is opening 30 tabs of a few of his favorite songs from his Summer 2015, lapping up the binary cry pile, and reinterpreting them in his own, very Larry way. He covers “Your Face” by Maureen McElheron, “Losing You” by Jan Terri, George Clanton’s “Bleed”, Mark Gormley’s “Little Wings”, and fan-favorite MACINTOSH PLUS’s “リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー”.

In Larry Wish’s byline words, “[t]hese are beautiful songs. Please seek the artists’ original versions.”

The links are above! The covers are below! Cassettes are $6 through Truly Bald! Jake Tobin did the cover art!

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