♫♪  Lau Nau - Amphipoda

One of the latest from Longform Editions (home to Caterina Barbieri, Ekin Fil, and Nozomu Matsumoto) is a delightful Buchla composition perfectly in tune with the world of the late Jacques Cousteau, or perhaps more so to that of the timeless Steve Zissou.

Finland’s Lau Nau (Laura Naukkarinen) pulls inspiration from the ecological vicissitudes of the nearby Baltic Sea and translates these phenomena with a particularly Scandinavian grace and crispness. Amphipoda was recorded in neighboring Sweden at Stockholm’s legendary Elektronmusikstudion EMS, a place I actually learned about reasonably recently during my interview with Kali Malone.

It’s one of the shorter pieces in Longform’s library but is as pleasant and moving as taking a tiny dip in the morning, gathering seashells and soft glass at the shore, catching that first glimpse of the ocean during a long drive inland to the beach.

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