Lau Nau to open the flood gates on new album Poseidon next month, premieres new track “Elina”

Lau Nau to open the flood gates on new album Poseidon next month, premieres new track "Elina"

Finnish songwriter Laura “Lau Nau” Naukkarinen last surfaced on record with 2015’s HEM. Någonstans —a stunning, fully instrumental documentary soundtrack which heretofore has served both as a peak in her discography and one of the best albums of that year. (Maybe if it hadn’t been released so close to year’s end, it would have received more love? But we digress.) Since then, Nau has remained busy, creating score for film and theater, touring, and “studying the union of a violin and analogue synthesizers.” Apparently she’s also been busy recording more songs, because the Lau is about to drop her fifth (!) full-length album.

Poseidon continues the work in full, complex orchestration that began on HEM., and the two records share a similar feeling for the broad and expansive. Ethereal and Arctic-melancholy as ever, LP5 might also be Lau Nau’s most approachable record, as her journey continues into the upper realms of iceberg-clear, hi-fi recording. If you’ve been following Lau’s work from her (amazing) home-recorded debut Kuutarha, her evolution into a master of using the studio to its fullest is truly a feast for the ears — and if this is your first trip into the Nau-scape, then, you’re in for a treat.

Today we are delighted to premiere album cut “Elina” ahead of the album’s release on November 11 on limited edition back vinyl (600 copies!!) from Beacon Sound, and on dependable ol’ CD from Lau’s longtime Finnish home Fonal. Even better news? You can click those links to pre-order either one of those formats…right Nau!

(Oh, and one last thing: Lau Nau will be performing in Berlin next Saturday, November 4, at a one-night mini-festival called A Happening, which will be hosted by the Acud Macht Neu art collective and will feature other Beacon Sound-affiliated artists like Derek Hunter Wilson, Fadi Tabbal, and Apartment Fox. For more details, head here. THX!)

Poseidon tracklisting:

01. Caligari
02. Elina
03 Unessa
04. Suojaa uni meitä
05. X y z å
06. Poseidon
07. Tunti
08. Sorbuspuun alla
09. Pianopilvi
10. Lydia
11. Kun lyhdyt illalla sytytetään, ne eivät sammu koskaan

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