♫♪  Laurel Halo - “Situation” / “Nebenwirkungen”

By now, you probably already knew that Laurel Halo is about to drop a “double EP” on us via Honest Jon’s. The eight-track release is called In Situ and apparently comes out next week. If, like me, you’re still lamenting the lack of Halo’s vocal presence on the still-excellent Chance Of Rain and the Behind the Green Door EP, then you might wanna sit tight, because Halo’s vocals are still notably absent from “Situation” and “Nibenwirkungen.” The tracks instead wallow in a stark minimalism that leaves listeners with less to hold on to than anything she’s released before, burbling quietly like beakers full of solution on burners in a lab.

• Laurel Halo: http://www.laurelhalo.com
• Honest Jon’s: http://honestjons.com

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