♫♪  Lee Noble - Un Look

Already sold out at Patient Sounds, Un Look, the newest cassette release from (No Kings Records owner) Lee Noble, is the slowest rolled joint your ears ever burnt. You think this a bad thing? Go set yourself some ME-TIME and meditate on this sucker, because it’s literally the antithesis of visualized direction. Well, maybe Un Look is more-so the way one forgets about something they once saw, but I’m still always (and will be) impressed with Lee’s ability to use his voice as a tool of music, giving listeners the option of following specific direction into venturing his sound or leaving it to another pleasant instrument in sonics. Pairing sorrowfully with that post-post Nashville blue-vibe he always musters up, Lee took upon a plethora of player for help on a few of these tracks, including the expertise of Matthew Sage’s fine-tuned mastering. Most importantly (although the tape dropped Sept. 3 and is free on his Bandcamp (link below) currently), Un Look is another perfect feel for the impending weather and time and scenic change throughout most of America. Even if Lee Noble is Los Angeles based, and they MAY experience a night in the upper 50-degrees weather, I imagine there’s a longing inside that fellah for the days of bare trees and piles of leaves. As for you: find yourself a nice little sit-down listen for journeying with Lee in a time to Un Look:

• Lee Noble: https://leenoble.bandcamp.com
• Patient Sounds: http://www.patient-sounds.com

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