Lee Noble nobly announces new tape release, The Hell of You Come In, to the delight of all ye young sirs/maidens

Lee Noble nobly announces new tape release, The Hell of You Come In, to the delight of all ye young sirs/maidens
Photo: Alex Broadwell

I don’t know what the reason is for the society-wide, apparent allergy to compact discs, but I predict that in less than a decade, people will be re-clamoring for CD-RW drives as an inexorable rebellion to the CD’s undeserved shunning (and because the vinyl hip-ly purchased nowadays will sound like shit by then due to lack of care). Until then, we have the oh-so-fashionable vinyl; and then we also have the oh-so-fashionably-obsolescent Lee Noble: the Los Angeles-based musician who’s done his part to shine a light on the lowly cassette. A good portion of Noble’s efforts over the past seven years have been released on cassette; in fact, the No Kings record label that he now principally runs from his SoCal home base has essentially been a tapes-only operation since its inception. (What’s that, Lee? More tapes with careful artwork consideration?)

Although it represents a continuation of the improved fidelity, intelligibility, and heterogeneity of recent albums like Ruiner and Un Look, Noble’s upcoming release, The Hell of You Come In, still promises more of the same kind of fog-enveloped songwriting that should capture the hearts and minds of any self-respecting member of the International Reverb Fan Club. But be warned: Noble seems no longer content with merely playing folk underwater (heck, the new one even boasts multiple earnest-sounding synth tracks!).

The Hell of You Come In is out October 27. Look for the cassette courtesy of No Kings, with Pale Blue Records co-sponsoring the digital release. Spotify-heads can stream the track “Electra” on October 10. Until then, you’ll just have to content yourself with digitally streaming some highlights from the aforementioned Un Look via Noble’s Bandcamp down below. Just do your best to pretend you’re bumping them on a Walkman, I guess.

The Hell of You Come In tracklisting:

01. Taurus Moon Woman
02. The Hell Of You Come In
03. Snaking Branch
04. A Cape Of Leadwort
05. Elektra
06. Working
07. Mountain Operations
08. Smoking Pitch (digital only, with Derek Rogers)

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