♫♪  Lil B - 100% Percent Gutta

All off the top of my head: I’m losing hair faster than Lil B is putting out mixtapes these days. But this one be 100% Percent Gutta, lil bruhh. And let Lil B give you food for thought: “I know. Okay. You feel me?” Now, has Lil B reached the point of meta-identity crisis? To quote him again, “Whodie cumin up: SKI MASK UP.” I mean, it’s not like he covering himself or nothing, because BasedGod shines through errything. Just, maybe he’s beginning to lack more in humor during his verses, saving the best lines for the chorus. I remember repeating his random lines over and over because of their rarity and hilarity, but these days, I feel like I’m repeating verse lines that are either like “Shouts out to….” or “Ima tell ya bout….,” where I now feel like the most repeatable humor in his music is strictly his lyrics. What I’m trying to say is that the humor of Lil B is what everyone enjoys about him and tries to transcend, but when he’s all ate up… HAH - “Live Thru Me” …thank YOU!

OMG NO!! @”4 Me” Holy shitttt. Fucking GAME CHANGER. B’s still at his best with ear-bleeding beats like “RIP My Dreahead” or “Fuck My Bitch,” but maybe his next mixtape should be either all cover tracks or spoken word with some fucked-out beats backing him up. Or soundscapes maybe? Lil B had been away for awhile, and I was thinking there would be some heavy reinvention, but there isn’t as much as I was anticipating. I think he’s gotta build up an entirely new lore for himself. Tiny shirt, Bitch Mob, pink bandanna is all jood, but it seems like something should replace them. He’s got the blueprint; just switch it up. All I’m saying is this rumored White Flame 2.0 better bring an entirely reformed BasedGod to the plate. The original White Flame brought an entirely new nature of Lil B’s humor and avant-garde ways and “weird” to his schtick, and I’m STARVING for that again. In the meantime, scour 100% Percent Gutta for the Lil B funnies, and ignore everything that comprises Yeezus. Like, immediately.

• Lil B: http://www.youtube.com/user/lilbpack1
• Dat Piff: http://www.datpiff.com

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