♫♪  Lil B - Glassface [mixtape]

The onus placed upon music journalists to come up with something new to say every time Lil B releases a mixtape has grown farcical, but a couple of viscerally appreciable facts distinguish Glassface from the outset. For one, it features certainly the most professional album art of Lil B’s prolific past year. And more importantly, the BasedGod sets things off with a sampled ‘n’ screwed nod to the classic “No Way Down” by 2012’s saddest musical casualty, Air France. Swimming in those beautiful sounds and dreams long gone, Lil B’s mortified rhetoricals feel strangely apropos: “What happened to my face? …Why did you do this to my beautiful face?” Truly, now more than ever: Thank You BasedGod.

• Lil B: http://www.basedworld.com

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