♫♪  Lil B - Pink Flame [mixtape]

Sorry I’m so late on this Lil B Pink Flame mixtape, y’all. I mean, I’ve had a good amount of time to listen to it, and this is how I feel:

I feel like nobody understands me. Like, even though I can work around that through humor or creativity (ehh, maybe), I cannot seem to be in the positive numbers of people who understand what I talk to them about. And I’m not suggesting: “Why don’t you just UNDERSTAND me?? Why don’t you GET me???” I’m talking about, “I want this green,” and then someone is looking at me like my skin is green. OR, or, like saying, “Man, I’m really happy about [whatever],” and then the person breaks down why I SHOULD be happy. I’m a very patient person. As well as extremely non-competitive. Drastically non-competitive. I live the most maybe/neutral/okay existence ever. So when people give me their “two cents” on whatever it is I am saying, I usually nod and smile and tell them thank you, because it’s important to make people feel needed.

When we get to Lil B’s new Pink Flame, I think I’ve finally figured out what’s going on. Lil B is the vessel in which Brandon McCartney can try to completely understand himself while totally not grasping that at all. Pink Flame, again, is the collective point/mixtape where Lil B is at in this stage of his life/career. And he’s OVERLY “okay.” He got the funk, yo; yeah he’s powered up, brahh. But can we get a break? I still like Lil B’s music, but I just think it’s time in his life to collect more than what he has said already. It’s all in there, but at this point, it’s suppressed, caged within the art he has established. I want him to break out of that art. Bring that new Based-swing or something. I don’t want him to smile and nod at what we expect him to continuously make. There’s gotta be more challenge to the Lil B adventure. He has the patience and gumption, the character and charm, the OKAY and MAYBE. He’s Martha FUCKING Stewart for shit’s sake!!

UPDATE: I legitimately just smacked my face on the door and am bleeding, and people thought it was joke.

• Lil B: http://www.basedworld.com

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