Everyone crash the internet this Christmas. The ego of Lil B “THE BASEDGOD” has done gripped your ears once again, and this time: HE’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE BIRTH OF CHRIST. Okay, okay — so what? Black Friday is more important. Comic book heroes, The Matrix, even Yeezus was more important. Actually, FUCK Yeezus. Specifically, 05 FUCK EM.

People been shittin’ butt-naked with their guns in they bathrooms since 100% Percent Gutta in June. So, like, for more than half a year, people been trolled into stuttering about the latest dynasty of Lil B “THE BASEDGOD,” with the occasional screw and “spaz remaster.” But this here is 05 FUCK EM: “a five-disc mixtape.” Makes sense, right? Well, your holiday sucks anyhow, so now’s your chance to make it much better. Stream below and be somebody:


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