♫♪  Lil B “The BasedGod” - Basedworld Paradise

Bottom line: Lil B is impossible. He swag tugged on Kanye with that album cover. 05 Fuck Em went beyond extreme entertainment. Speaking volumes as post-deity; clarity and foresight further than his own: BASED. Believing in everything he spits, including the notion he’s BASED every recording. Lyrics as fucked up as the bloodiest of MMA matches. Playing them reality television politics while calling himself out; being everyone but himself, including himself; deBASing all other rappers thinking they swag on him, NAH!

Lil B’s duality of self is dimensional, the perfect blend between cis- and transsexual being. Ego smashing its head against Lil B AND BasedGod’s heads. But he’s Reggie Miller, Danny Glover, Martha Stewart, Fabio; he fucking your bitch RIGHT NOW! RE: Fmbn, TYBG, gor, BGYCFMB. Do as you do while submitting your faith to the BasedGod. Find the time. Make the time. Be on his time. Pop off in Basedworld Paradise. It’s best less on RANDOM, but mix it with the rest, and you’ll reach based dynasty! Grip below:

• Lil B “The BasedGod:” http://www.datpiff.com/profile/LilBtheBasedGod

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