♫♪  Lil Data - I Was Born To Code (Live Code 2013-2015)

As we reported   6   day(s) ago, PC Music will be releasing something new every day for the month of May. Today, for “Month of Mayhem” release #  8  , we get a new [song/video/album/EP/mix/other] from   Lil Data   titled   I Was Born To Code (Live Code 2013-2015)  . It’s a really   01100101011100100111001001100001011101000110100101100011   and   01110100011101110110100101110100011000110110100001111001   [song/video/album/EP/mix/other]. A person on social media said   “hooray for algorave!”  !

  I Was Born To Code (Live Code 2013-2015)   follows   Lil Data  ’s last release, which was   Lil Tape  . That one was very   01100101011100100111001001100001011101000110100101100011   too, but also   01100110011001010111001101110100011010010111011001100101  .

Experience   I Was Born To Code (Live Code 2013-2015)   by   Lil Data   [above/below], check out the previous Month of Mayhem release right here, and don’t forget to   download the code and read a lil interview below  .

See you tomorrow!

Lil Data interview with A. G. Cook:

Cook: What language are you using?

Data: I’m using TidalCycles (or Tidal), which is sending pattern messages to SuperCollider, which in turn is synthesising the patterns and outputting eight stereo channels to Logic Pro. Tidal is my go to as the syntax is super concise - you can fit a ‘track’ on one screen of code!

Cook: What are some of the practical problems that happen with live coding?

Data: Because code is just text, most of the time you don’t know what’s going on. You’re constantly making mistakes so you’re constantly discovering things. Software updates can change what your old code does - for example this mix features a lot of chromatic runs due to a pattern parsing bug. It’s a great set of problems to have, in musical terms.

Cook: What are some of the conceptual problems that happen with live coding?

Data: The big one for me is - is it really so different to any other form of music making, or not? Over time I’ve come to see similarities more than differences, but some people see it as a completely orthogonal process to all other forms of composition or performance. It’s a great problem as a setting for humanist drama ;~P

Cook: How effective is Big Data?

Data: By now it’s pretty obvious that Big Data aggregates and re-projects our common biases onto us in rigid, standardised formats, whilst Lil Data is about curating and amplifying imperfections that have meaning and positivity.

Cook: Where & why did you grow up?

Data: I grew up in a shrinking old market town in the outskirts of Manchester which is only known for it’s serial killers, and that is why I grew up.

Cook: A couple of months ago you uploaded a video of what appears to be a fairly advanced dildo interacting with some ROLI BLOCKS hardware. Is that the future of music?

Data: It’s a MysteryVibe Crescendo. I won it at a sex hackathon and wanted to know if I could use it to make musical robots, but unfortunately it’s not self-articulating and doesn’t have an API! It’s certainly a valid future, although I think there’s plenty more interesting ones out there ;)

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