♫♪  Lil Data - Sup

Through triplets. Through keyboards. Through chimes. Through pitch-shifting. Through “a latticework of sibilants, laminals, clicks, implosives, ejectives, fricatives, pulmonics.” Through reprises. Through sequels. Through slamming your body down and winding it all around. Through synths. Through rhythm. Through silence. Through sound effects. Through bass. Through squirmy melodies. Through à∞E#vKˆçe„6éÈ3•«ÄIkïeº2¶˜‰∏. Through organ. Through staccato. Through splats. Through samples. Through travel. Through investigation. Through happiness. Through materialism. Through spirituality. Through data. Through Gertrude. Through Douglas Kime. Through debuts. Through abbreviated versions. Through SNOG. Through the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Through MP3s. Through streams. Through wormholes.

Through temples. Through Wondercoins. Through Change.

This is how Lil Data teaches his children.

• Sup: http://data.pcmusic.info
• Lil Data: https://soundcloud.com/lil-data
• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info

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