♫♪  Lil Ugly Mane - The Weeping Worm

A cryogenic freezer has been unearthed from beneath the sands of eben ezer. Inside:

•• A pair of previously released loosies, “Lights Down Low” ft. DJ Dogdick and “Underwater Tank” ft. Antwon.
• “Passion Sceptre/Dert Mystery,” the b-side to the “On Doing An Evil Deed Blues” single… “Wait a minute, “Evil Deed” was released as a single?!” Yup, and all proceeds go to support the creation of Ugly’s final project, a box set purportedly comprised of four LPs and four cassettes.
• “Hideous Disfigurements,” an “unreleased rejected track from Mista Thug Isolation.” (Psst, looks likes that cassette is back on the market too.)
• “Days Like This,” another previously unreleased track, this the fifth (sixth?) Sean Kemp/Nickelus F collaboration to surface, giving us all the raw materials we need to compile an unofficial EP.
• “Hello,” two seconds of noise encoded with a spectrogram visualization.

And if you shell out $3 to unseal this icy tomb of a .rar file, you’ll also get the occultist “End Your Whole Shit” video, a flick so satanic and sadistic the YouTube censors could take it down any minute.

• Lil Ugly Mane: http://liluglymane.bandcamp.com

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