sorry for the confusion. this wasnt the swan song. this newest drop was just a compilation of unreleased shit from the past 5 years or so. and only volume one at that. the fourth side will be visible after the new moon. there is a cryogenic freezer buried in the sands of eben ezer. the blood copy of the teacher must prepare for the procedure. it rhymed im sorry. not the last record tho. im really into bowhunting frogs recently.
-Lil Ugly Mane status update from August 8 at 10:31 p.m.

And so with this missive, the lore surrounding Lil Ugly Mane continues to grow. Mystical figure that he is, he has given us more questions than answers with this latest communique. Though we now know that THREE SIDED TAPE VOLUME ONE was not intended as Ugly’s final release, we’re left wondering what “the fourth side” will be. Could this be the fated “swan song” to which he refers, or perhaps a fourth installment in the new series of unreleased songs and instrumentals? All we know is that, whatever it is, it will be revealed (released?) after the New Moon; the next one comes on September 5 at 6:36 AM EST.

Following this cryptic prophesy, Ugly gives us more, equally perplexing info, hinting at the existence of an ancient, technologically advanced (possibly extraterrestrial) civilization, which may have left one of its own entombed in an icy shell beneath an unmarked site near the biblical town of Aphek. He goes on to tell us that some clone or atavistic scion must ready him/herself for “the procedure.” Is this the same figure who was frozen beneath the “sands of eben-ezer,” or was the cryogneic chamber empty all along, and it is his/her duty to prepare someone or something else for cryopreservation? Your guess is as good as ours.

Lastly, lest we might get it confused and assume that this is all metaphor for the creation of Ugly’s final rap relic, we are informed that the Virginia native has actually been occupying much of his time not by recording, producing, or mixing songs, but instead with a decidedly non-rap-related pastime.

Three days later, he gives us this:

The saga continues.


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