♫♪  Lily Konigsberg - 4 picture tear

Stumbling across something like Lily Konigsberg’s 4 picture tear doesn’t happen much anymore. What I mean is, it feels like a throwback to older TMT coverage days. Bouncy, lonesome, and brief, the EP is an old scrapbook, flipped through too quickly because the memories make you feel too much. But I’ll let Lily speak for herself:

recently, I went through some kind of brain crack that showed me that anyone can go crazy at any time. I’m doing better now. In the first couple of days of mania I would look at this photobooth picture I took with matt and cry because I thought I was looking at the person I used to be in that picture and that that person was gone. now I know that i am still here so things are less crucially terrible. anyway, here are some songs I wrote in the past week that I want to show you. they are all sad.

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