♫♪  Lockbox - “Brainhead”

With this Hausu Mountain release, the snowball effect of Lockbox music has reached top velocity. What began as a wonderful mess of lo-fi bedroom recordings, has rolled itself all up into a sugar-high, injected straight into the data-stream, resulting in something that sounds a bit like playing every SoundCloud embed on the Chocolate Grinder home page at the same time.

I’ve been seeing these bumper stickers around lately that say something like “Smaller, Slower, Less” regarding, well, the world. “Brainhead” tears that concept to pieces, pushing forward at the pace of a coffee-addict nabbing ten minutes of free wi-fi, while slamming shots of espresso at the local coffee shop before having to head to work around the corner. At this rate, there will never be enough time to catch up on what’s really going on here. We may have to settle for the “more, more, more” pace pounding its way into our brain, feet, fingers through the ever-increasing channels of subliminal osmosis our body develops to try and keep up with the increasing rate of the world (wide web)’s rotation.

“Brainhead” is the first single from the upcoming Lockbox full-length Prince Soul Grenade, out January 28 on CD and cassette via Hausu Mountain.

• Lockbox: http://lockbox.bandcamp.com
• Hausu Mountain: http://hausumountain.com

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