♫♪  Loraine James - “Sick 9”

A couple of months back, Loraine James was publicly signed to Hyperdub shortly after the release of her stunningly cacophonous tape, Button Mashing, on New York Haunted. (I wrote about that one here.)

Her debut for the stalwart label titled For You and I will be released on September 20 with one single, “Sick 9”, available to stream now. The track presents similarly tinny, heavy-duty instrumentation and helter-skelter rhythmic patterns arranged with less of an emphasis on composure and more on a kind of free-handed journaling. Moods, atmospheres, landscapes that elicit, among other concepts, “being in a queer relationship in London, and the ups and downs that come with that.”

My lover isn’t texting me back. I know it’s because she’s busy in the city while I’m here festering, temporarily, in the country. She awaits my return as I await her words. Do I hold the rhythm of her life against her? No, as she does not hold mine against me. Yet sadness, anger, frustration. Projection, rejection, confusion. Patience, compassion, acceptance. My thoughts churn at a pace similar to the vocals in this song.

Click through the audio player below to preorder the record and to read some of Loraine’s own words about her influences and approach.

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