Loraine James announces For You And I, her first album for Hyperdub (see article for vital details!)

Loraine James announces For You And I, her first album for Hyperdub (see article for vital details!)

Here’s a hot take for ya: listeners across the board severely underestimate the significance of liner notes and album art. Especially with the advent of music streaming services, how many people go about their day listening to music without having any idea that a release is actually adorned with a labelled penis or an image of a reinvigorated Crypt-Keeeper?

These garnishes add important context to the extra-important musical entrée, and they’re certainly worth mentioning alongside the name of Loraine James’s debut release for Hyperdub, For You And I. Otherwise, we would have absolutely zero clue that one half of the album is a reflection of James as a Londoner in a queer and loving relationship; the sparse lyrics and minimal electronic sounds amount to a difficult nut to crack if you’re trying to discern a musical motivation.

Furthermore, the other half of the album is solely about James and her upbringing; and we wouldn’t have been able to extrapolate that absent the cover that doubly showcases the London flats where she started making music and experienced some of the most emotional events in her life thus far. It’s almost a paradox to associate intimacy with abstract instrumental tunes, but that’s what’s happening on the new one, as hints of grime and jazz contribute to what seems to be a chill listening time overall.

Pre-order For You And I ahead of its September 20 release here, and check the track “Sick 9” below (also previewed at the Grinder).

For You And I tracklisting:

01. Glitch Bitch
02. London Ting // Dark As Fuck (feat. Le3 bLACK)
03. So Scared
04. Hand Drops
05. Sensual (feat. Theo)
06. For You And I
07. My Future (feat. Le3 bLACK)
08. Scraping My Feet
09. Sick 9
10. Vowel // Consonant
11. Words Ears Mouth

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