♫♪  LORETTA ABERDEEN - Johnathan Richmond and his Laura Palmer Tapes

LORETTA ABERDEEN will be in the other room if anybody needs him, making music before coffee. In drip coffee kitchen nation, the appliances are ON. But in the other room, there is not much going on visually, other than the hardwood floor, which runs straight then kind of curves like bands of gneiss, even up the wall a little. A couple of power adapters also run from out of the power strip like headless snakes. The head can still bite even after being decapitated. So, the mic is hot and the electronics are still running, even though one housemate went out in the yard with hedge trimmers and cut the main line in an attempt to stop the drip of Mr. Coffee. These things are hard to turn OFF. They don’t make them like they used to.

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