♫♪  LORETTA ABERDEEN - New Jersey Drive / Motel Heartbreak

Been a week or so befoure we got a lil more LORETTA ABERDEEN back on the beat. And just in time for all the time in the world. Man plays off of floppy disks, btw. Not sure how many people know this fact; I’ve no proof for my claim. Double feature turn out too. Road Trip meets The Night Before by way of New Jersey Drive and Motel Heartbreak:

New Jersey Drive

Who you even with this mess about? Conscious rattling off. The voice in your head repeating almost without forward movement. A looped visual of land and land and white lines. Ticket to ride, white line highway. Black top. AC blasting more noise than freon, so windows are down. Wiggle room. Pill form. Coming thru:

Motel Heartbreak

Nobody answers. Ringing that bell over and over. Is it worth even going to sleep tonight? Will we ever awake tomorrow? Beach at 9AM. Who’s up? Going into a rabbit hole of your own thought process of how the topic even ended up in a mind like this, yo —yeah: who even let you into this space! Not a question. OUT Under the stars. In a field and it’s cold. Animal noises. In your feels exactly the way it needs to be:

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