“i immediately began to mourn for those whose lives will immediately be affected by the unfortunate outcome of this election. all i knew to do was to try to offer the tiniest bit of hope to them, to all of us. i know it’s not much, but working on this helped me keep sane (?!) throughout this tragedy.” — Lotic

This election was the psychic and now legislative instatiation of an ongoing assault on the imagination of a shared national fabric, be it of discourse or bodies. Atomised horror rears its head, closer than ever to in the flesh. Hold those bodies close.

If there’s any inherent political power in music, it’s the building of a community as quickly as possible and giving it an immediate physical form. Here’s that next terror-shredded, pulsating wound of an anthem of hurt and resistance.

Love to the Muslims and the faggots and the dykes and the queers and the non-whites and the poor and the Jews and the immigrants and the women and the trans* folks and the disabled and the non-americans and everyone else this country is declaring war on. See you in the streets, on the dancefloor, and in the streets.

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