♫♪  Lussuria - Immemorial - Abridged 24 Bit Remaster

Illustrious industry. Whispers of the higher-up past that still control everything and —reaction. A crawling that feels like every curve of architecture on an intricately designed building. All the way up and into. Nothing so much like the burning acknowledgment of capitalism. Like white noise. Actual white noise penetrating your skin’s melatonin. The cracks and blemishes of derma. The microscopic life forms feasting off your dust. Flesh so supple that if I wear you I can experience you. One of those cups you turn inside out and then it pops. Continuous cuts from Hospital Productions bares Immemorial - Abridged 24 Bit Remaster of Lussuria’s supple darkness. Shrouded in space:

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