Lussuria regales with a grandmother tale, announces lighthearted new album Three Knocks on Hospital Productions

Lussuria regales with a grandmother tale, announces lighthearted new album Three Knocks on Hospital Productions
(I know what you're thinking, but this just IS what the press photo looks like.)

Normally, albums of the darker variety leave it up to the listener to imagine a scenario where demons exist and are planning to imminently borrow your soul for a midnight dip in Lake Hellfire, but this new release from Jim Mroz — a.k.a. Lussuria — heightens the creepiness by offering a vivid and even true scenario for you to envision ahead of any ambient complement.

Three Knocks is set for release May 31 on Lussuria’s reliable label partner, Hospital Productions, and the name of the album comes from a recent experience where Mroz’s grandmother was hospitalized with a mysterious allergy. You can read Mroz’s more detailed description of the serious event here — but perhaps the kicker of it is, Mroz’s grandmother attested to hearing three knocks at her door just prior to when she fell ill. “She discovered that these knocks were meant to be fatal and a mockery of the Holy Trinity. One knock for each crucifixion.”

Alternatively, when I order something online, the people from FedEx or UPS frequently knock, place the package outside my door, and then leave before I have the chance to cordially greet them and verbally express my thanks for their delicate parcel delivery. A removed opportunity for interpersonal connection is arguably just as scary as omens stemming from ancient crucifixions, so perhaps Lussuria was previously inspired by all kinds of Lyft drivers disinclined to chat?

Listen to the title track below and decide for yourself (either way, it seems like Mroz has a handle on this whole “bizarre objects and field recordings” thing). Then, pre-order Three Knocks the album here.

Three Knocks tracklisting:

01. Fentanyl Chaser
02. Three Knocks
03. The Fear In Letting Go
04. Confused And Ill By Shadows

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