♫♪  Lust for Youth - “Behind Curtains”

In this age of latter-day post-punk, what must a new track have in order to stand out? The genre’s forefathers got so much right from the start, meanwhile making so much obsolete in the process. The sound is quintessentially minimal, which means that in the subsequent years, there hasn’t been boundless leeway for variation. Instead, to find unwitled aspects, determined post-punkers must deal in the subtlest shades and finest degrees. The element that stands between a track that merely rehashes and one that fully re-energizes might be as slight as an extra layer of reverb or the shade of anguish nuanced in a voice.

Earlier this year, Holograms and Merchandise have found effective brews — now, “Behind Curtains” hints that Lust for Youth may have done it too. The act originated as the project of Hannes Norrvide, who hails from Gothenburg/Copenhagen, employing the sparse synth sounds through his sparse setup. The track is the lead-off from his upcoming Growing Seeds, which could prove quite good if the rest of the album follows suit. Unlike the Lust for Life of a certain Iggy’s proto-punk, which had an authentic lusty mania, Norrvide’s lust is more subdued, and the thing is a nostalgic spin through a severed youth, like the whole genre from which it hails.

Growing Seeds is available from Sacred Bones Records on November 13.

• Lust for Youth: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/releases/sbr085
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com

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