♫♪  M Geddes Gengras (Personable) - Afterpop Mixtape 63

Apparently, M Geddes Gengras (Personable) (someone we’re recently familiar with here at TMT) gave Afterpop “an albums worth of material” in a recent (63) mixtape, at nearly 50 minutes long. And if he hasn’t already changed your mind on how modern modular synthetics work within the experimental game, Geddes’ Afterpop Mixtape 63 will further bury your feet into the dance-floor fire-pit. Samples of talking and musterings of sequences, zones of infused Tex-Mex meets Japanese-LA, swabbed in a way the government wants to steal your soul, but on the antithesis of hero, in a bleak outlook of a computer-driven mesh of in-real-life-URL world. Mentality is bomb as much as the brain-drains pure skill on Afterpop Mixtape 63, swirling mixtape aesthetics enlightens the non-stop living, and crucial mathematics subconsciously rooted throughout a mind similar to Miles Davis. But adrift in imagination. M Geddes Gengras presents a thought process in Afterpop Mixtape 63, and teases hitchers into taking the ride. You want my chicken? My potato salad???

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