♫♪  Personable (a.k.a. M. Geddes Gengras) - Oyster

Oyster, the new release under M. Geddes Gengras’s Personable moniker, is some straight bio-punk aesthetics. Plugged into the rhythm that triggers a signature beyond the beat. An iridescent shimmering uploaded across pupils, strobe speckled in a starlit glimmer. The pressure for movement starts from a handful of points, so once they combine, the coalescence entwines a world built of clicks and echos, synthetics so clear it’s almost a precision technique. Like a pensive arrow hitting a target, but a thousand arrows flying through tight spaces all weaving a trail of airflow building until the perfect pearl is made. The Oyster opens.

Opal Tapes releases Personable’s Oyster today. Stream it in full here:

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