♫♪  Magnétophonique - Tales From The Earth, And Beyond [album stream]

Tales From The Earth, And Beyond from French electronic musician Magnétophonique is a manifestation of nostalgia that would sound at home in both a made-for-television sci-fi soundtrack or an 80s downtown nightclub. It is documented on home dubbed cassettes courtesy of Sunup Recordings. It seems that the altar of cassettes as a medium in a digital age was originally built around secrecy; the only way to hear the contents was to purchase the tape. However, there’s been a shift of the physical artifact embrace that sheds the coyness. Tales From The Earth, And Beyond is available in its totality through Sunup’s Bandcamp site, and even with a handy Mediafire link to download if it behooves you.

• Sunup: http://sunuprecordings.bandcamp.com

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