Not Not Fun to release new tape from Magnétophonique, shares “Moist Jungle Mist II”

Not Not Fun to release new tape from Magnétophonique, shares "Moist Jungle Mist II"
Photo: Benedict Leader

As we round the corner on the end of summer, many of us are still subject to those late-July/early-August heat waves in which steamy, humid afternoons (hopefully) give way to slightly cooler, slightly less uncomfortable yet balmy evenings — with cool drinks on the porch to help ease the burden of facing an AC-less bedroom. Luckily, Los Angeles label Not Not Fun has been putting out some appropriately mellow, dewy, and island flavored ambient transmissions for just such occasions.

A perfect compliment to the anonymous shipwrecked vibe of Wave Temples or the adventure novel-inspired journeys of X.Y.R. — Lyon, France based Magnétophonique (real name Charles Belpois) offers a set of emotive, imaginative sonic adventure with his latest release, Une Cartographie Idéale, a collection of primo tracks culled from small-batch cassette releases on his own Carpi Records (co-founded and curated with roommate Baptiste Martin, aka Les Halles) and the dearly departed Dept Tapes out of Mexico.

“Moist Jungle Mist II” is the first offering from the new tape, and its hazy keys and percussion combine for a perfect chill-out atmosphere. Check it out (along with another taste, “Hopeless Tropicalia”) down below and pre-order Une Cartographie Idéale ahead of its August 31 release date here.

Une Cartographie Idéale tracklisting:

01. Bon Voyage
02. Lush Islands
03. Forest Gazing
04. Quiet Village
05. Moist Jungle Mist II
06. Awakening
07. For Mile After Mile The Same Melodic Phrase Rose Up In My Memory
08. Sunstroke
09. Nostos
10. Hopeless Tropicalia
11. The Only Survivor Is Now Alone On The Island
12. Tristes Tropiques

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