♫♪  Mark Aubert - Junkyard

edition of fifteen hard copies
release d January eighth says Adhesive Sounds on Bandcamp about
Junkyard by Mark Aubert
and here I am on January eleventh and it s
sold out so I’ll
get a realtor call through the slime and   mudslide of the trenches
the gay blind side of the second world war revised
and if   J. say s he doesnt lik it
goddammit she doesnt
  what does it mean to have it i the dirt   and what does it

has a bass drum ever sent you out into the streets ?
with the asphalt letting off steam in summer or winter ?
into the gulf freeway as a forcible   player in the ring
  but shake off the melting like I’m meant to feel
nostalgic and the slow sweat
beat back
  on the bucket ?

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