♫♪  Matthew D. Gantt - Isomorphs

Love to anybody who rocks shit at what they do, professionally or otherwise. The thrill in taking part of someone’s greatness, no matter the context, propels existence forward. Through these experiences, we can confirm that our failures may ultimately cease in certain areas; that refinement is possible; that the grey patterns of life may be tinged with bright hues and deep purples. For the love of love.

Matthew D. Gantt certainly falls into the category of those who kill it at what they do. On his latest release, Isomorphs, the sonic sculptor packs and molds a myriad of sounds/experiences into a neat little tape made just for your smelly little ears. Similar to his previous work, the album combines the modern assault of continuous stimuli surrounding our every step with a balance of humor and chance. Or, as the label puts it, “Isomorphs filters smartphone noise, trap sample packs and modular squelch through twenty-first century indeterminacy and digital pseudo-sensuality”. Hey, take your pick!

Tapes are still available from Oxtail Recordings. Stream below.

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