♫♪  Maxo - “Not That Bad” (feat. GFOTY)

Brooklyn based Maxo and London based GFOTY are both interested in their music being at the foreground. It is the subject that everyone is paying attention to rather than the environmental. Both have releases on PC Music, Maxo with just Snow Other, GFOTY with her many vocal heavy teengirl anthems. You would think their work would overpower each other, but thankfully, the combination of Maxo’s quick little bright noises and GFOTY’s quick little bright phrases creates something soothing, something real made out of computer code. “Not That Bad” is not just a female singer singing on top of some guy’s electronic beat. Sometimes the vocal is the foreground, like when the first moment of clarity comes with “I made you taste my favorite tear”, but usually the vocal is simply another texture that’s rendered as important as everything else, something that’s rare to find in most linear narrative electro-pop songs. The vocal is still what really makes the song, but it’s intertwined so much in everything else that’s happening. The butter’s melted in, not just laying on top of the bread.

• Maxo: https://soundcloud.com/maxoelectronic
• GFOTY: https://soundcloud.com/gfoty

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