♫♪  Maymind - “rhymes with island”

With complete transparency, I was pals with Leo Maymind in college. He has a twin. He and his ex- have been through two generations of C sig-nif double dates. At the time, he was in a pop-rock band that banged. Now, I don’t see Leo any more. He live here in NYC for a moment, but moved to California a bit back. Now he’s jamming on some Umor Rex Records level that is practically untouchable. Geared out (as usual) with some of the most well-used electronics only producers of his caliber can crush on a professional level. Leo has also been in good touch with the Cali overlords of house grooves. Shit, Illumina — his newest release on digital and cassette — sold out on Boomkat! Like: life goals, ULTRA.

So what the fuck this music say to me? What in the hell “rhymes with island?” It takes a clever storyteller like Maymind to narrate such a lit-riddle. Patient build-up of the scene, description of the trickling night coming in along the sunrise. Tides pulling from a rhythm that weaves palms to frame the parting of clouds, and a streak of light that casts from the horizon, long the waves, to feet buried by the pulling water. Shells harmonizing with the hum of distant waves crashing against other waves. An aura of warmth that emits from a bubble gathering depth of sphere, like a comforting yawn that leads to more waking moments. Oceans of time. Take it:

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